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DeLaina Mulcahy

DeLaina is a founding member of Direct HOPE and has full time law practice.  She represents clients in a variety of finance matters including corporate, commercial and public finance transactions.  DeLaina has served as a director on multiple boards for 501(c)(3) corporations and she enjoys volunteering, running, watching college football and spending time with friends and family.


Brooke Rives

Co-Founder of Direct HOPE, Brooke Rives is originally from Atlanta, Georgia but has lived in Houston, TX for the past 10 years.  Brooke is a graduate of University of Mississippi with a BA in Social Work. She is extremely enthusiastic about helping people and animals in need.  Direct HOPE allows her to fill that passion on a weekly basis. Brooke is also a wife, a mom to Christopher and Harper, a passionate cook and hopeful about reducing the homeless population.


Tracy Robinson

Tracy Robinson is the owner of three small businesses, spryART photography, Camp Pixel Project (a graphic design/photography camp for children), and Mod Mavens + Co (a small business consulting and branding company).   Tracy is a graduate of Texas A&M, with a BBA in Marketing & Management, and a MS in Management. Tracy first became aware of Direct HOPE when she witnessed a Sunday Brunch while driving home after a photo shoot in Houston. She loved what she saw and immediately pulled over to research the organization. Before long, she was volunteering weekly as a photographer and bringing her family of seven along to serve at the Sunday brunches. Tracy is passionate about humanizing the homeless and bringing a voice to those who have lost their way. Tracy is also a wife, a mom of five, a reluctant cook, a live music junkie, and a self-proclaimed book nerd.

Image by John Torcasio

Gerry Waters

Originally from England, Gerry has been living in Houston with her Texan husband for the past 17 years. With an MBA from INSEAD and backgrounds in Brand Strategy and Intercultural Communication, she now focuses most of her time on volunteering and her three children.  As a girl scout leader for over 5 years, she explored every possible giving-back outlet for kids, and with Direct Hope, she has found an organization that shows with compassion how very little many people have, allows all volunteers to make a meaningful difference, and helps foster community with Houston’s homeless to help them to a better life.


Shelby Kilshaw

Shelby Kilshaw is a Registered Nurse who graduated from The University of Texas with a BS in Nursing. Shelby first became aware of Direct HOPE through social media. She was initially drawn to the organization as it reminded her of community service work that she did with her mother as a child. Shelby has been with the organization since its inception and is honored to be a part of an organization that serves its fellow Houstonians weekly. Shelby is also a wife, a mother of two, a runner, and loves college football, online shopping and enjoys naps.


Seamus Moran

Born in Montreal Canada and raised in Houston Texas, Seamus Moran heard about Direct HOPE through social media. He joined Direct HOPE as a volunteer in 2015 and has served a director since September, 2016. Working with Direct HOPE, its volunteers and those that the organization helps is a rewarding and fulfilling experience for Seamus.  Seamus lends Direct HOPE his expertise in the film, media and marketing industries to help the organization achieve its goals.


Tina Rivera

Born in Houston, Texas, Tina is passionate about her community and giving back. Both of her children serve on our Junior Board. Tina is an owner of Tina & Company, a Houston Creative Agency and co-owns  arc electric, a commercial and residential electrical contracting company with her husband Armando.  Tina went to college in her early 30s and holds a degree in political science with a minor in business administration. Tina and her family enjoys serving others in multiple capacities.

Due to COVID 19, most, if not all Sunday Brunch events are on hold.

Our board and junior board are serving moderately and we anxiously await the day we can serve our community again with you.  We are still serving our homeless community in other capacities outside of Sunday Brunch.

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